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Your home country has been invaded by its northern, fascist neighbor. While the initial months didn’t offer much change, the newly installed puppet government has begun rounding up dissidents and patriots alike. One day, a childhood friend warns you that the secret police are looking to arrest you for crimes against the newly formed fascist state. You are left breathless and must escape joining the growing resistance in your country. Your reasons for joining the partisans are yours alone, and they may be more complicated than simply running away from possible arrest and detention. Nevertheless, you must survive, you must fight, and, one day soon, you must liberate your people from the jackboot of fascism.

Powered by Breathless

This game is powered by Fari RPGs' Breathless system, and it is part of the Breathless Game Jam. Breathless is a simple and elegant roleplaying system that allows for both depth and quick action. Great for beginners and veteran roleplayers alike.

Future Expansions

While this product is a standalone, future products will be released to flesh out what is found here. These include in-depth encounters, missions, and equipment guides.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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